At Draft Solutions, we offer a unique solution in answering the above questions, with over 26 years of combined experience working in the professional football and injury environment.
Headed by Mr. Bernard Mahoney and his experienced team of advisors we will evaluate your talent and advise you what will help you get to fulfill your dream of playing the game you love at the highest level.
Bernie has had a wealth of experience working in the premiership years in Brisbane and more recently with North Melbourne and as a State Selector for South Australian Youth Teams.
He has attended over 20 National Carnivals all over Australia and in this time, he has watched live, over 1600 players that have made the AFL Draft.

This also has included numerous home visits for interviews with both the talent and the parents discussing the process that lies ahead.
All of the above allows him and his team to form a professional opinion of your Son or Daughter and guide them to their dreams.

Suited for participants aged 16+ to analyze and give feedback from a game situation viewpoint aiming at the AFL National Draft.
Stage Three Gold Level is the pinnacle of the Draft Solutions’ program.
It is anticipated players enrolled in this program have graduated through stages Bronze and Silver, however, it ideally suits those players wishing to be AFL Draft ready and includes an Injury Prevention Module.

"Kids, build a big tank, skill up and you may avoid the knock."

"Fail to Prepare - Prepare to Fail"

We won’t make you faster but we will make you smarter and teach you what to expect.

It is anticipated players will enroll in Stage Two Silver Level as a natural progression after a Stage One Bronze Level post skill development program.
After successful completion of identified skill programs, such as:

  • Professional Kicking Training.
  • Elite Running Training.
  • Game Awareness Training.

Suited for participants aged 14+ to analyze and give feedback from a game situation viewpoint aiming at the AFL National Draft.

Comprehensive Player Analysis & Feedback Rating in a game situation. 
The player review identifies not only football talent and other areas of the game which require no talent.

  • Does your Son or Daughter have what it takes to play professional AFL Football?
  • Do you understand what is required to have a chance to play AFL professionally?


For a more comprehensive overview and costings please download the pdf file here.

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"Football AFL Draft chances Evaluated and Enhanced"

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If your Son or Daughter has recently been cut from a list due to Skill or performance issues Bernie can help you. He would be more than happy to have a Chat at any time.

Andrew Faulkner from the Australian Writes September 2016:

​​​"Primary schoolchildren being scouted as potential AFL players as clubs widen their talent search"

Andrew Capel from the Adelaide Advertiser Writes December 2016: