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Pricing starts at $140 per game for analysis and feedback, but feel free to contact us for further discussion into what Draft Solutions can do for your game.

Our Services at Draft Solutions start at $140 per game for analysis and feedback. This service includes a Bernie Mahoney watch and critique you actually playing during a game. This allows for the player in question to be evaluated and analysed from a recruitment perspective by an extremely well experienced former member of both AFL and State Level football recruitment teams. 

As a result of this your strengths and weaknesses will be evaluated and you will also be provided with deep insight of how to address the aspects of your game that need to be improved upon. Numerous times Bernie Mahoney has given advice on how a given player should be approaching the game and it has had a profound influence on their success overall, as all aspects of your game matter. All of these factors making you an overall better player and more likely to be successful in the game of football overall. 

So if you take your football seriously and want to take your skills to the next level, Draft Solutions is the avenue to do so. 

Draft Solutions

"Elevating your potential within the game of Aussie Rules Football"