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Draft Solution is a football analysation service which allows players to get the most out of their game. The service is perfect for players to better understand which area's of the game in which they are proficient in and also the aspect's in which they could improve upon. 

With the nature of AFL becoming increasingly technical, young players often left to develop themselves as couches simply cannot spend time with every single player individually. This is where Draft Solutions can help greatly. Draft Solutions can provide expert level feedback on your game to help you develop far quicker.​

Draft Solution's is headed by Bernie Mahoney who has over 16 years of experience in both AFL and State level football recruitment. Throughout his time spent in the industry Mr. Mahoney has developed a deep understanding of exactly what recruitment selectors are looking for in upcoming players. 

Bernie Mahoney's wealth of experience has come from working with Brisbane Lions Football Club within the premiership years and in more recent times working with North Melbourne Football Club and also as a state selector for South Australian U18 teams. Bernie has attended over 20 National Carnivals all over Australia and in this time, he has watched live, over 1600 players that have made the AFL Draft. This also has included numerous home visits for interviews with both the talent and the parents discussing the process that lies ahead.

This experience allows Bernie to evaluate players very effectively and demonstrates the vast knowledge which is on offer to Draft Solutions.


By Andrew Capel from the Adelaide Advertiser Writes December 2016:

"Kids, build a big tank, skill up and you may avoid the knock."

By Andrew Faulkner from the Australian Writes September 2016:

​​​"Primary schoolchildren being scouted as potential AFL players as clubs widen their talent search"

"Elevating your potential within the game of Aussie Rules Football"